We remain true to our foundation of technical knowledge combined with reliable business practices and long-standing connections to prominent principals. We are always committed to close relationships with you and our suppliers to deliver a total value solution that fits your manufacturing needs.

 585.334.1920            rob@questsls.com

     "Al has been a  relied upon resource and catalyst for programs at New York Air Brake for years. He has helped me identify suppliers with solutions on commodities from fabrications to protective caps. As a Commodity Manager I rely heavily on resources like Al to help transition products and develop new suppliers and opportunities for cost savings and in support or programs at our many facilities.

     I have learned from experience he is a “womb to tomb” guy and is there every step of the way to help take some of the pressure off of me. Mitigation of risk is an important part of resourcing any commodity for a buyer and Al has always been very thorough and helps me sleep at night knowing he will follow a project to the end."
     - Bob Ward, New York Air Brake

     "Al is always very professional and honest. I can count on him. He’s very responsive and always gets right back to me. Al jumps right into the middle of any issue, and is very thorough. Al is very knowledgeable and has had a lot of experience with many different parts in the automotive industry over the years.

     Right now we work with two suppliers. We haven’t had much with one supplier lately, but Al keeps me informed about everything they are doing. The other we buy a lot of parts from. I’ve worked with those companies for years, and have had good experiences with both.  

     Al has definitely had good recommendations in the past. He’s worked with us to find solutions on caps to fit different materials, choices they’ve had to offer. With what he sells and the companies he represents, I always recommend him highly because I know that I have good support when we’re working on a project. He’s very professional with customers—approachable and easy to deal with. A straight shooter.   

     - Jane Shewman, Senior Buyer, General Motors Components Holdings

     "Al is responsive to any kinds of questions I have. Al introduced us to Enhanced Sintered Products, a company

that’s been a great resource for powder metal parts, a top-notch company to deal with as far as quoting, pricing, and delivery. He has some great companies in his stable that have helped us. He puts us together with those folks for the best solution, not just a solution. We had a need for some thermoform parts, and Quest found the perfect company (CJK): very flexible, they helped us through the design and prototyping with very competitive pricing.

     Customer response is great. They have companies that are problem solvers, that really go that extra mile with their expertise. Al is easy to work with, responsive, and responsible, and he’s gained quite a lot of business for his companies here. We had so many parts that he brought the vendor (ESP) in, identified the parts that would be

best suited for us, and it’s been a great marriage for us.

     Al is trying to build a long-term relationship and trying to solve problems for you, because that’s ultimately the way business works best: to find people that can help solve problems and be there with solutions from

the right company.  No question that with Enhanced Sintered Products, we realized a significant cost savings by moving to that technology and that company."

     - Dan Strobel, Materials Specialist, Briggs & Stratton, Yard Power Products Division

     "Al is very efficient and thorough. He’s very knowledgeable without being pushy.He’ll always try to help me with whatever I need. We were doing supplier consolidation, and now Al gets almost all of my business because he really worked to help us get together this consolidation and kanban system. He helped us put it in place for his caps (Caplugs), so we’re not stocking so much inventory. 

     For new applications, the problems or things we can’t figure out ourselves, we work through Al, and he gets it worked through the factory, because he knows who to call."

     - Arlene VanDeMortel, Buyer, G.W. Lisk

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60+ combined years in materials and processes

Allen Grieco

A native of Upstate NY, Allen has lived manufacturing and sales for more than 3 decades. His diverse manufacturing process knowledge includes Metal Die Casting, Extrusion, Forming, Machining, Powdered Metal, and more; plus Plastics Injection Molding, Fabrication, Structural Foam and Web Molding, Thermoforming, Vinyl Dipping, and others.  With a background in business, Allen has the insight to collaborate with customers to find and implement the best improvement ideas. 

• General Motors 
• Anscott Engineering Co.
• AS, Business Administration (SUNY Cobleskill)
• AS, Speech (SUNY Brockport

Allen’s outside interests include supporting social causes such as Doctors Without Borders. He is also an avid Track & Field athlete, having earned his first gold medal running the 200M dash at the 2012 State Games in Ohio.

Steve Burton 

Sales Engineering Manager

​​Steve has over 30 years of manufacturing experience. Getting his start in Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Steve progressed to Program Management and Advanced Manufacturing Engineering.  His expertise covers Design for Manufacturability, Process Selection, Supplier Selection, Target Costing, Prototyping, and Production Implementation. 

• Eastman Kodak
• NexPress
• AAS, Electro-Mechanical Technology (RIT)
• BS, Organizational Management
  (Roberts Wesleyan)
• MS, Manufacturing Management and    Leadership (RIT)

Steve's other interests include fishing, hiking, and officiating both High School and College wrestling. He is a 30-year member of the Wrestling Officials Association of Section Five, and is currently serving as its President.